LDX Project Status

May 20, 2003


Work on the LDX floating coil cryostat is nearing completion at Ability Engineering Technology in South Holland, IL. In the last month, up to 96 layers of alternating double aluminized Mylar insulating film and Remay spun polyester fabric have been applied and carefully adjusted to match the unique toroidal shape of floating coil. The final assembly of the outer vacuum shell is now underway.

The final manufacturing steps for the charging station is complete. Modifications in the upper flange were made to accommodate special guides that ease the entry of the floating coil into the charging station. Machining of the lower plate was completed and all flanges are now welded.

The floating coil retractable vacuum jacketed outlet transfer line has been made by MIT. A thermometer sensor was attached to the bayonet at the end of the transfer line to measure the temperature of the cryogen coolant at the outlet of the coil heat exchanger.


The cryostat is being prepared for transportation and the 12 internal transport supports for the helium vessel have been installed. The tool for magnetic field measurements has been delivered and was adjusted to fit on the top of the cryostat before it was disassembled for shipping. The cryostat, quench protection system and packing boxes have been moved to the shop were the container is being manufactured. The bottom of the container including a strong metal frame has been made and fully equipped for the installation of the cryostat. The rest of the container parts are ready to be assembled around the equipment, which will be attached to the container frame. On May 25-26 the container with the coil will be moved to a transportation company.

Charging coil in shipping container at SINTEZ (5/22/03)

The final set of charging coil as built assembly drawings has been received by e-mail. The unpacking, assembly, installation, operation, and service instructions are being translated in English. Transportation and custom documentations are being prepared.


Performance testing of the levitation coil (or "L-coil") cryostat at MIT began on April 22, 2003. The L-coil cooled more quickly than expected and stabilized to a low temperature below 17.5 K by the end of the work day on April 24. The heat leak to the liquid nitrogen cooled radiation shield (judged by the liquid nitrogen consumption rate of 0.5 ~ 0.55 liter/hr) matched the cryostat's design value of approximately 20~25W.

Since it was cooled down, the L-coil has been excited by a +/- 20V, +/- 10A, 4-quadrant power supply using various linear and sinusoidal waveforms to determine the coil's impedance.

A representative from Dynapower Corporation visited MIT during the week of May 12 to perform a start-up inspection of the power supply and dump circuit that drives the L-coil during LDX plasma operations. Once the start-up inspection of the supply is complete we can proceed to investigate the L-coil behavior as it is energized towards its 120 A designed operating current.


Modifications are proceeding while the launcher system is disassembled for facility upgrades.


Installation of the access platform decking around the LDX vacuum vessel has begun.