LDX Project Status

LDX Project Status

December 7, 2001


Assembly of the LDX floating coil cryostat continues at Ability Engineering Technology in South Holland, Illinois.

The lower half of the thermal shield is now complete, and a photograph of the shield is attached. The thermal shield is made from several hundred lead tiles, soldered to the heat exchanger tubing, and sandwiched between layers of fiber-reinforced epoxy applied in a vacuum bagging process. Manufacture of the mating, upper-half of the shield is now underway.

The toroidal outer vacuum shell was machined and inserted into the outer structural ring allowing work to install the "space frame" that holds the laminated impact supports. The upper half of the space frame is now complete and awaiting final integration.

Half of the 24, low-heat-leak, laminated coil-supports have been assembled. Each support consists of a precision stack of 300 pie-pan shaped laminations.


Winding of the C-coil is finished, and a photograph of the completed winding is attached. The coil contains 48 layers with about 175 turns per layer. There are 35 joints in the coil, and preparation has begun for soldering of the joints.

All tools for vacuum epoxy impregnation (VPI) will be ready in two weeks. The impregnation will be conducted in the "Novaja Sila" plant.

SINTEZ designers have revised all manufacturing drawings as required by the Efremov plant technologists. These included specification of full penetration welds for all vacuum walls. They have selected a vendor (a Swedish company) to supply the 321 Stainless Steel for the cryostat. Tools specifications for the three stages of the cryostat manufacturing (machining, testing, and assembly) is under way.

Dr. Alex Zhukovsky will visit Efremov next week, 12/10-12/14/01. The purposes of his visit is to inspect and approve the superconducting joints, to discuss the VPI
process, and to receive a manufacturing plan for the cryostat.


Peter Hwang of Everson Electric visited us on November 20 to present a preliminary design for the L-coil cryostat. During the meeting, the geometric constraints, the radiation shield,and the assembly sequence were reviewed. More recently, Everson described their plan for electrically connecting the L-coil to its high temperature superconducting (HTS) current leads for the thermal link between the HTS lead and the cryo cooler cold head.

Phil Michael and Darren Garnier visited Everson Electric on December 5 and participated in a practice for the assembly procedure that attaches the conduction cooling fins to the L-coil support plate. Phil and Darren brought the L-coil conductor with them for this visit. A request for quotation for the L-coil power supply was circulated to eight potential


Work is proceeding on the small parts (rollers and springs) necessary for completion of the upper launcher drive. We are finalizing vendor selection for the launcher lifting fixture.