LDX Project Status
September, 2002


On September 20, Ability Engineering Technology in South Holland, IL completed the "Final Fitup Milestone" activity. This involved trial assemblies of the cryostat that simulated final assembly. Measurements were taken and the assembly procedure was modified until reproducible results, within close tolerances, were achieved.

Parallel work is underway preparing individual pieces for final assembly. This includes cleaning and applying reflective tape to the Helium vessel and lead shield, machining ports in the vacuum vessel shell, preparing the vacuum vessel for the close-out weld, final sizing of the space-frame washer stack supports, and various other preparations. Trials were completed of the final vacuum vessel weld.

The next major milestone in the assembly procedure is the final installation and testing of the shield on the He vessel. Dr. Darren Garnier is making weekly visits to Ability in order to oversee each stage of cyrostat assembly.


Fabrication of the charging coil cryostat continues, and machining of the inner shell of the vacuum vessel has been completed. Binding of external bandages and fastening of joints on the coils have been completed. The current leads have been impregnated, baked, and prepared for additionally machining to remove surplus epoxy. Once the current leads are machined, they will be put to high-voltage tests. The lower copper shields have been manufactured, and they will soon be delivered for installation of the cryopanels.

Dr. Alex Zhukovsky visited SINTEZ in a first week of October, and he inspected the final stage of cryostat assembly and discussed preparations for the final testing of the coil. The final testing is now scheduled for the second week of December.


The vacuum vessel shell and liquid nitrogen reservoir components have been received at Everson. Nearly all of the vacuum flanges for the cryostat cover plate have been received at MIT. MIT has been working to provide several additional sub-assembly drawings needed to begin cryostat fabrication.

Dr. Michael visited Everson again on Oct. 7 to finalize the design for the cryostat thermal link and current lead assemblies and to discuss the more specific details of the cryostat construction. During this visit Dr. Michael and Peter Hwang of Everson Electric proposed manufacturing and material procurements schedules which would allow the L-coil cryostat could be completed by the end of this year.

On Friday, Oct. 11, Peter Hwang changed his employment status at Everson Electric from full-time employee to consultant. It is not yet clear what impact, if any, his change in employment status might have on the manufacturing schedule.

One Sept. 19, Phil Michael travelled to the Dynapower Corporation to witness the factory test of the L-coil power supply and dump switch. After correcting minor control issues, the power supply was delivered to MIT on Sept. 27.


Cleaning and installation of the launcher system is continuing. The vacuum interface of one of our movable probe diagnostics is installed. The x-ray camera was successfully tested.