LDX Project Status

April 22, 2004


All leaks in the floating coil circuits have been repaired, the multi-layer insulation (MLI) has been restored, and the floating coil cryostat has been assembled and welded. The floating coil has now been moved into the LDX experimental area where integrated cold tests of the floating coil cryostat will begin.

This marks an outstanding accomplishment of the LDX engineering and technical team following several weeks of focused effort.

Recent technical accomplishments included: (1) installation of a new specially manufactured fixture and a pump-out port for the cryostat volume in the bottom shell, (2) repair of damaged ends of the transfer line ports, (3) full penetration welds of outer vacuum vessel shells using a novel thermal barrier to prevent weld damage to the inner MLI superinsulation, and (4) extensive leak testing including tests of the inner helium vessel at full (1850 psi) pressure.

Photo: Floating Coil being prepared for LHe cold tests.


The 6.4 GHz microwave source has been tested and is operative. The waveguide has been run to the LDX vacuum chamber.


The gas puffing system, which allows a variety of gasses to be introduced into the main chamber, was installed and tested. The glow discharge cleaning system, consisting of a single large glow discharge anode and a filament electron source to aid in plasma breakdown, was also installed and tested. Operation of the glow discharge system for 12 hours allowed the vessel base pressure to be reduced by a factor of two.

The outer magnetic field sensor coils are being installed. The amplifiers for magnetic diagnostics have been installed in the data acquisition cabinet. Diagnostics cabling is being prepared.