LDX Status Report
May 21, 2007


The new levitation coil is being manufactured by Advanced Engineering
Systems (Mertztown, Pa). This coil will replace the advanced,
high-temperature levitation coil that was damaged during levitation
control tests on February 9. The new coil is a water-cooled copper coil
with 80 turns capable of carrying 3600 A current. Combined with the
existing power supply and water cooling available at the PSFC, the
lifting capability of the new coil is larger than the previous coil.
Presently, Advanced Engineering Systems is waiting to receive the copper
conductor prior to winding. The present estimate of arrival of the
completed coil is July 2.

The new levitation coil will use a 4.5kA, 50V, 4 quadrant power supply
already at the MIT-PSFC and made available by Joe Minervini. The power
supply is now in place; the plumbing for the water has been completed;
and installation of the electrical connections are underway. The power
supply will be tested during the the present week. Bus bars that can
carry the high current to the levitation coil have also been located at
the PSFC and are in process of installation.


During the interim we are continuing to pursue diagnostic development
and data analysis. This includes upgrading and improving the 60 GHz
multi-cord interferometer. Data from the spectrometer that was utilized
during the last LDX run is being analyzed for a determination of the
temperature of the background plasma.

Additionally we are collaborating with the University Washington group
to facilitate the utilization of the output from the LDX equilibrium
code for running the NIMROD non-linear MHD simulation code.


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