LDX Project Status

January 25, 1999

Construction Status

Vacuum Vessel

The engineering design of the vacuum vessel was completed in November, 1998. After a few a few rounds of bidding by several local and remote vendors, the vendor has been selected and construction will begin in a few weeks. This picture shows the conceptual design of the vacuum vessel stand which holds the midplane of the machine 5.0 meters above the experimental hall floor.

LDX Floating Coil

The floating dipole coil, or F-Coil, is well underway. A schematic of the F-Coil is shown to the right. The yellow region is the winding pack that contains over 700 turns of high performance Nb3Sn superconducting cable-in-channel conductor. This conductor, which makes up most of the mass of the F-Coil is presently being manufactured by IGC Advanced Superconductors in Waterbury, CT. Heat treatment and testing of the LDX conductor is also underway at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

The dark blue He Pressure vessel is a Inconel 625 torus with a 15" (391 mm) major radius. This pressure vessel is also currently under construction by Ability Engineering and Technology of South Holland, IL. Also currently being constructed by Ability is the coil form (shown in white to the right) and winding mandrel, on which the conductor will be wound.

Brookhaven Vacuum Furnace

The picture on the right shows Eric Gregory of IGC standing in front of the Brookhaven vacuum furnace where heat treatment of LDX dummy cable was recently completed.

Heat-treated Dummy Conductor

The picture to the right shows the heat treated (read very fragile) cable fitting perfectly into a copper channel. In the final conductor this cable will be soldered into the channel, then insulated and wound onto the F-Coil winding mandrel.

The picture below shows the dummy heat-treated cable mounted onto probe assemblies ready to test in Brookhaven's superconducting test facility.

Dummy He Pressure Vessel

The helium pressure vessel is being constructed from 4 standard 10" pipe 90° elbows. The elbows have a major radius of 15". The elbows are forged in two halves and welded together. For LDX, we will weld together 4 half elbows to make a half torus (like a cut bagel) and then install the floating coil inside. These pictures where taken of a fit up of four dummy elbows made of steel. The real pressure vessel will be made from Inconel 625.