LDX Project Status

June 10, 1999

Vacuum Vessel Construction Begins

On Monday, June 7th, the first pieces of the LDX vacuum vessel arrived at PSFC. At left, pieces arriving by flatbed truck; below, Dr. Jay Kesner basks in the sun (and 95°F heat) and shows off a huge vessel segment.
How do you fit something through a doorway that is not quite tall enough or wide enough? Answer: Very carefully. The vessel is split into 6 pieces that will be welded together in the experimental hall by the vendor, VTA-Dynavac of Hingham, MA. Here are some shots of Collin's Rigging struggling with huge pieces of 304L stainless steel.
And here are pictures of the top and middle vessel segments at the end of the move-in.
Here are two pictures of the LDX cell, before and after the vacuum vessel segments were moved in.

MHD Test Cryostat Installation

The old MHD cryostat that will be used to test the LDX floating coil was installed in the Tara Cell this week. The cryostat vacuum jacket was sucessfully pumped down indicating the integrity of this old vessel. It will undergo further refurbishment and modification in the coming weeks in anticipation of testing the floating coil in late summer. (below: Rick Lations finishing stand installation. right: Installed cryostat.